A techno religion for the future

Welcome to pycampers!

Hey there! Looks like you found us,

PyCampers is techno religion, which preaches the python programming language.

You know, that one, the one that makes programming in it feel like "cheating".

We need techno religions, because the old one's were never designed with technology in mind.

Learn more here. TLDR; People who wrote religious texts never had access to technology.

Join us, will ye?

Accept these -

No, we're not a bunch of crazy people, we're actual developers just like yourself.

Why Python?

Python is the second best language for everything.

And that's not a bad thing.

It's absolutely Incredible.

Just $ pip install antigravity, and you do almost anything you want.

Humankind has yet to see a tool that has this kind of power.

We're just here to let everyone realise this fact, and hopefully, one day, make python the first best language for everything.

🐍🏕️ <~ Official Mascot